How to GET US$20 for Your Klarus LED Flashlight 360X1 360X3?

How to GET US$20 for Your Klarus LED Flashlight 360X1 360X3?


Klarus 360X3 Review on YouTube by Preparedmind101

Hey, Guys,

Want a KLARUS 360X1 or 360X3?

Want to save a few bucks and stretch your tax refund?

GREAT NEWS! You can get US$20 by just following these simple steps:

  1. Buy a 360X1 or 360X3 between Mar. 15th-25th 2019;
  2. Take some nice pictures of your 360X1 or 360X3, and post to any forums about your experience and add those pictures, make sure we can see the serial number and Klarus logo clearly;
  3. Email with your link, the time proof of the purchase, and your paypal account to get your US$20!  

Pls strictly follow the above 3 steps to GET YOUR US$20.

Limited 50 PCS ONLY/Globally, the first 50 participators will get the deal!

Click to buy:  360X1   360X3  


Don't wait! Act now to get US$20!!!


Comments for the tactical light KLARUS 360X3

Best LED Flashlight 2019, KLARUS 360X3

"Bad Ass Light!"
"But this would be the most I would need!"

 Tactical Light, KLARUS 360X3

"Impressive Technology!"

"Great Light!"


Comments for the 360° Dual Switch LED Flashlight KLARUS 360X1

Best Dual Switch LED Flashlight, KLARUS 360X1

"That 360° Dual Switch is pretty clever"

Don't know the LED Flashlight KLARUS 360X3? Watch the video to learn more.


Don't know the tactical light KLARUS 360X1? 


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