KLARUS XT11GT Pro is basically the same size as the previous generation XT11GT, with only millimeter-level differences and very little error. The classic 25.4mm barrel body, 35mm head length and 139.7mm head length belong to the range of the middle barrel. The appearance design continues the classic Klarus shape, adopts double button control, upgrades to the fifth generation tail tactical double switch design, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy The shell is treated with three grades of anodizing treatment according to the military standard, with a low-key and calm style.

Updated to the fifth-generation tactical double switch, the one-button strobe function is specially designed for military and police law enforcement. In the tactical mode, regardless of whether it is turned on or not, the one-button start strobe function provides the safest and most convenient control method for police law enforcement personnel. 2000 The strobe of the lumens produces an instant dizzy effect on people, which is used to deter criminals and strengthen their own defense. The excellent control method is very easy to apply in tactical scenarios. Multi-national police stations purchase KLARUS products, which are good products that can withstand actual combat.

In terms of long-range shooting, KLARUS XT11GT Pro is certainly not to be outdone. As a classic tactical flashlight, it also has a world of outdoors, with a maximum range of 300 meters. Under the projection of the huge beam, the brightness in the main spot is uniform and the field of vision is clear, and it is competent for mountain forest search, camping and hiking.

The position of the lamp head is CNC processed with 6 anti-rolling surfaces, and grooves from shallow to deep are cut to increase the heat dissipation surface. The appearance is sturdy and tough, and the rough style of the tactical flashlight is fully displayed. It is similar to this in many tactical flashlights of KLARUS. Design, visual impact is very strong.


XT11GT Pro is a flashlight with direct charging. The protective cover of the USB charging port is waterproof and dustproof. The material of the rubber cap is moderately soft and hard. Pressure, the logo of XT11GT Pro lasered under the charging port is beautiful and atmospheric, and the appearance is still very cool.

The texture of the cylinder body adopts a very fine horizontal non-slip texture, and a total of twelve axial double rows of grooves have an aesthetic effect while enhancing the heat dissipation of the cylinder body. The grip and friction are very good when held in the hand. The sense of security in the grip is enhanced and it is not easy to let go of the hand. The increase in grooves makes the ventilation and perspiration better. Compared with the previous diamond-shaped knurling, it looks much better. The anti-roll surface is combined with the clip, which greatly improves the anti-roll performance, and stable placement is also a rigid requirement for daily use.

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