KLARUS CL2 Camping Lamp Named Best EDC Tool at OR Summer 2023

Welcome to Outdoor Retailer, one of the world's premier outdoor exhibitions that have thrived for over 30 years! Here, you'll find a vibrant showcase of the latest fashion-forward products, innovative designs, and thrilling experiential activities. This grand event attracts outdoor equipment retailers, manufacturers, industry professionals, and thousands of buyers from across the globe, all eager to immerse themselves in the exciting new trends presented here.

Each year, not only do local companies from the Americas participate, but outdoor product manufacturers from around the world also join in and achieve remarkable success. This year, KLARUS proudly unveiled an impressive array of products at the exhibition. Among them, the CL2 long-life eye-protecting camping lamp stole the spotlight with its captivating variety of shapes, versatile functionality, and gentle illumination. Enthusiasts from every corner of the country flocked to witness this marvel, and it garnered well-deserved recognition from the professional media. In fact, Everyday Carry named it the "Best EDC Tool" of OR Summer 2023!

Ever since its inception in 2009, Everyday Carry has been passionately dedicated to helping users discover exceptional items that enhance their daily lives. With a strong focus on building a thriving community around everyday carry (EDC), they have become instrumental in promoting the global EDC culture. This prestigious recognition from Everyday Carry not only affirms the technical prowess, practicality, and portability of KLARUS EDC products but also underscores the fact that EDC has evolved into a trendy lifestyle choice—a personal hobby and an avenue for self-expression.

Life is an ever-evolving journey, and the CL2 camping lamp marks a fresh starting point for KLARUS. It serves as a powerful inspiration, fueling their aspirations to illuminate dreams and push the boundaries of innovation. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary adventure!

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