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With the KLARUS E2 and the KLARUS XT11GT Pro, we have already tested two really good flashlights from this Chinese manufacturer. Now comes the KLARUS XT2CR Pro, another tactical flashlight, which we also took a closer look at.


The KLARUS XT2CR Pro is a tactical flashlight and specially designed for outdoor use. It is a total of 13 cm long and weighs 141 grams including battery. The lamp housing is made of aluminum and is black anodized. Colored versions of this flashlight do not exist. The workmanship of the housing is at a very high level and I can't find any flaws in the anodizing either. So KLARUS can score with very high quality workmanship on this flashlight as well. The XT2CR basically consists of two parts: the lamp head including battery tube and the end cap.


The lamp head is 10.9 cm long and has a diameter of 26 mm. At the very front we have an attached, titanium-colored bezel. This sits as a finish on the lamp head. In the head itself sits the XHP35 HD LED, which emits its light through an OP reflector. "OP" stands for "Orange Peel" and means that the reflector has a textured surface that resembles the peel of an orange. The USB-C charging port and a status LED are also located underneath the LED on the casing's exterior. The charging port is protected against external influences with a rubber plug. Unfortunately, this plug cannot be twisted out of the way when removing it, as we know from other flashlights. This makes inserting the cable a bit fiddly - something that could have been solved a bit better. Below the charging port, the grip area begins. This has a fine growl, which is very noticeable when gripping the lamp but very positive. Finally, the included 18650 Li-Ion battery also finds a place in the handle area, but more on that later. At the lower end of the handle is the clip holder. The clip can even be rotated 360 degrees.


The end cap is 31 mm long and also measures 26 mm in diameter. Finally, on the back of the cap is the double switch so typical for KLARUS. This also consists of an ordinary click switch, which is covered with silicone and also a semicircular rocker switch. As in the review of the XT11GT Pro, I find the switch concept generally really good. Both switches work great and result in many very practical operating options. However, the XT2CR Pro is also a tactical light and will/can therefore come into contact with dust, dirt and other particles. As soon as, for example, some sand collects underneath the rocker switch, it can come to the fact that this can no longer be operated properly. So you should always make sure that the switch side of the lamp does not necessarily get directly into the dirt when using it in rough terrain. Basically, the XT2CR Pro is waterproof according to IPX8.


The KLARUS XT2CR Pro is a very high quality tactical flashlight with the special dual switch concept from KLARUS . It is operated only via the tail switch, which is common for tactical lamps. It is powered by a 18650 Li-Ion battery, which I find okay in itself. However, judging by the 13 cm length, I find the lamp almost a bit too big for this battery type. At this length, a 21700 battery could have been accommodated and the lamp would also have become only slightly thicker in diameter, but would probably have been able to achieve better runtimes. Admittedly, this is of course "complaining on a high level".

Scope of delivery of the KLARUS XT2CR Pro

The scope of delivery of the KLARUS XT2CR Pro includes:

  • KLARUS XTC2R Pro Flashlight
  • 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • Holster
  • UBS-C to USB-A cable
  • Hand strap
  • 1 x O-ring
  • Instruction manual


User Interface

As already described, the KLARUS XT2CR Pro is controlled exclusively via the double tail switch. In the field, a tail switch is often quick and above all error-free to operate, because even in the dark you can find a tail switch on a flashlight without having to see it. The lamp also lies well in the hand and in the typical fist position, the double switch is easy to operate with the thumb.


In the table below you can find some actions that can be performed with the double switch. Basically, the XT2CR Pro offers a tactical and an outdoor setting. These differ, among other things, in the use of momentary light (Momentary Modes). There are simply a few more options available in the outdoor setting.

Here is an overview of some of the actions of the UI:




Off (TS/OS)

  1 x Click & Hold (RS) for 5 seconds + then 1x Click (MS)  

Switch between Tactical Settings (TS) and Outdoor Settings (OS)

Off (OS/TS)

1 x Click (HS)

Lamp on - High

Off (OS/TS)

1 x Tap & Hold (MS)

 Lamp on - Momentary High

On (OS/TS)

 1 x Click (MS)

Lamp off

Off (OS)

1 x Click & Hold (RS)

Lamp on - Momentary Moonlight Mode (> 1 sec. fixes this mode)

On (OS)

1 x Click (RS)

Change of light levels (Moon - Low - Med - High)

On (OS)

1 x Click & Hold (RS)(3 sec.)

SOS Mode

Off (TS)

1 x Click & Hold (RS)

Lamp on - Momentary Strobe Mode (> 2 sec. fixes this mode)

On (TS)

 1 x Click (RS)

Change of light levels (High - Med - Low - Moon)

On (TS)

1 x Click & Hold (RS)(2 sec.)

Strobe Mode

MS = Main switch; RS = Rocker switch


Basically, I like this particular double switch concept from KLARUS . It is "something different" and works really well. Only the already described, potential susceptibility to interference of the rocker switch should be kept in mind when using it. Otherwise, using this tactical flashlight is definitely fun.


Performance of the KLARUS XT2CR Pro

Also for the KLARUS XT2CR Pro I made beamshots for you. All photos were taken in one session with identical exposure settings. The lamp has a rather cold-white light with 6,500 Kelvin. In Low Mode, the XT2CR Pro produces a whole 10 lumens, which unfortunately cannot be optimally displayed in the Beamshot series without later only getting an extremely white image in Turbo Mode. However, this mode is easily enough to read a map or find the keyhole on the door. In Med Mode, 100 lumens are available, which can be used for eleven hours. The immediate surroundings can be easily illuminated with these 100 lumens.


KLARUS XT21C - Moonlight - 5 Lumen    KLARUS XT21C - Low - 100 Lumen



KLARUS XT21C - Med - 400 Lumen        KLARUS XT21C - High - 3,200 Lumen


In High Mode, the lamp reaches 400 lumens, which allows you to work very precisely. This mode is available for four hours. This is topped by the 2,100 lumens in Turbo mode, which can only be used for about 2 minutes. After that, the lamp reduces to 750 lumens, which can be used for two hours. As seen in the beamshots, the 2,100 lumens are really damn bright. The beamshots with the building are also made in Turbo Mode and here you can see how well even such buildings can be illuminated with the XT2CR.


With a maximum of 2,100 lumens, the KLARUS XT2CR really has a lot to offer in terms of light. Even after the downregulation in Turbo Mode is with 750 lumens still quite a lot of light usable and even for just under two hours. I like the beam and the choice of light levels. However, the very cold light color is not my favorite and also the range could be a bit larger for me.


The KLARUS XT2CRPro uses a 18650 Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3,100 mAh. It is a protected button top cell. I think the choice of 18650 batteries is excellent, because this format is actually widely available and therefore easy to get. When buying replacement cells, however, you definitely have to make sure to buy a button top cell with a raised positive terminal, because flat top cells (with a flat positive terminal) cannot be operated in the XT2CR Pro.


The battery of the KLARUS XT2CR Pro is charged via the USB-C port in the housing. The included charging cable can simply be plugged in here. A complete charging process takes about 2.5 hours.

                                                  Jens M.

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