What's The First Klarus Flashlight You Owned?

What's The First Klarus Flashlight You Owned?

What's The First LED Flashlight You Owned?

Will it be Klarus NEWEST INNOVATION 360X rapid reaction flashlights?

The 360X1 and 360X1?

360°Omni-Directional Tactical Dual Switch: Original innovation with 360°ring switch, rapid action from any angle, 360°one-touch access, one-touch strobe, easy and rapidly.

Multiple Switch, Fast and Convenient: Tail dual switch and side switch design, easy to operate, switch freely to meet various using habit.
Tactical and Outdoor Dual Settings: no matter field battles or outdoor hiking, switch settings at demand.

Non-Slip Silicone Sleeve Provides Superior Grasp Feeling: Built-in high quality soft silicone, tactical unti-slip, anti-freezing and avoid thermal, keep consistent superior grasp feeling.
Superior Brightness, Brighter than Car Light: Equipped with LED, one 18650 battery bursts out 3200lumens output, brighter than car light.

Is it a everyday carry flashlight?

For EDC flashlight, how it possible not to mention Klarus’s mini-might illumination AA flashlight Mi7, the smallest side switch light Mi1C, the mini keychain light Mini One and Mi6. The mini edc light Mi7 with 700lumens and beam distance up to 110meters, 8 colors for optional, no matter the elder or the youth, women or man can use it every day, no wonder Mi7 is welcomed so much in the market once it is released. And the

Is it a tactical flashlight for law enforcement or self-defense? 

For tactical flashlight, how it possible for us to forget Klarus XT series? The famous senior instructor
of Germany-Florian Lahner, who has rich experience on anti-terrorism and self-defense. He even takes XT11 everyday and also uses it as a common teaching tool. And for Klarus XT series, no matter the rechargeable tactical flashlight XT21X, XT11X and XT11GT or the magnetic-charging extended reach tactical flashlight XT12GT with programmable interface, or the mini tactical EDC 14500 flashlight XT1A, 18650 flashlight XT2C or the policemen favored flashlight XT2CR for law enforcement, which with patented dual or triple switches, compact design, higher output than same size flashlight in the market, more functions, best materials.etc.

What’s more, how could not to speak more of the advanced EDC tactical flashlight XT1C? 700lumens too, beam reaches over 210meters, but compact design as small as you could think, you can use it for outdoor, everyday carry or law enforcement too. Featured with smart ITS temperature control system to protect the PCBA of the flashlight over heat and ensure long term usage same with other Klarus Flashlights, two-way clip to accommodate different user preferences, put on the hat like a headlamp, or insert and grasp on the belt of your backpack, whatever place you could imagine, patented dual tactical tail switches as the significant advantage of Klarus XT Series Tactical Flashlights, one-hand tactile control, an evolution of flashlight UI, XT1C even has won China Outdoor Industry Annual Awards 2016.

Is it a searchlight?

As for search & rescue, Klarus latest new product searchlight G35 like a super star, which featured 1000m super long beam distance, 2000lumens, can’t believe it? Please take few minutes to read the review video here.

 Is it a cool rugged light for hunting?

And for hunting light, Klarus XT30R, the magnetic charging programmable flashlight was designed not only for hunting but also for rescue area. It adopts XHP35 HI D4 LED, with output up to 1800lumens, beam distance up to 820m, a strong night tool for hunting. With patented magnetic charging port can be self-located, easy to activate, waterproof and dustproof, the magnetic charging port is designed with phosphor copper material, it’s gold-plating to anti-corrosion and rust resistant. It is also with patented dual switches on the tail cap, support one-hand tactile control and one touch access, very easy to change working modes. With smart ITS temperature system, battery capacity indicator, work with 2 18650 battery assembly, long runtime ensured. The hunting light XT30R is also compatible with all 1’’ rail mounting system and Klarus dual remote switch TRS1, that mean it is a good weapon assistant for hunting, and law enforcement too. Now the 1000-meter thrower XT32 becomes people’s new favorite hunting flashlight.

Not mentioned all models here, but every model likes a lovely kid of Klarus family with some cherish memories and warm moments, here Klarus team wish all Klarus fans enjoy better life with Klarus Flashlights, and keep to support Klarus, Klarus team will try the best to bring more innovations and make more improvements day by day to thanks all of you.

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