KLARUS XT21X Pro 4400 Lumens Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

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XT21X Pro Li-ion USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight With Holster

The outstanding performance XT21X Pro maximum output of up to 4400 lumens, and the beam reaches 1036ft (316M)(Tip: Please fully charge before use)  

  • Choice of 7 operating modes:1)Turbo;2)High; 3)Medium; 4)Low; 5)Moon; 6)Strobe; 7)SOS
    • Turbo: 4400 lumens, 336 m beam, runs 2.5 hours
    • High: 1500 lumens, 190 m beam, runs 4 hours
    • Medium: 400 lumens, 100 m beam, runs 9 hours
    • Low: 100 lumens, 50 m beam, runs 30 hours
    • Moon: 5 lumens, 15 m beam, runs 200 hours
    • Strobe: 4400 lumens, runs 5 hours
    • SOS: 100 lumens, runs 65 hours
  • IPX8 Waterproof; 1 m impact resistance tested
  • High precision CNC processed Aero-space Aluminum alloy body, mil-spec hard anodized (HA III), lightweight yet robust constructed.
  • Patented Tail Dual-Switch and side switch accommodate any user patterns. The tail and side switch has a unique lockout function to prevent accidental illumination.
  • 5000mAh battery can support a maximum of 200 hours of runtime. The useful battery capacity indicator display enables the user to control the usage according to the remaining charge. Micro-USB 2A fast charging, convenient and fast.
  • AI CONTROL: Innovative ITS (Intelligent Temperature Protection System) technology, monitors temperature and adjusts output in real time when the flashlight gets too hot on the turbo output mode.
  • Compatible Battery 1*21700/1*18650(with battery adapter)
  • 7 x 3.7 x 2.5 inches; 6.05oz (171.5 g)
  • 5 years warranty
4000lumen output rechargeable tactical flashlight
336 meters beam distance tactical flashlight
USB-C charging compatible mode
tactical outdoor dual-switch design
one touch strobe tactical setting
memory mode setting
5000mAh battery extended run time
temperature control system
designed for outdoor rescue and search
IPX8 waterproof rating
from -20 to 60 temperature resistance
5 years warranty
Klarus XT21x Pro features
ergonomic design easy to deploy
product parameter
package contents
Klarus globally recognized quality

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
John Roberts

Great flashlight. Very bright. I love how small it is. It makes it easy to carry it in my pocket

Joseph Krynitsky
Awesome light

Great product with amazing output. Highly recommend this light!

Andreas Werner
Outstanding torch

Very good in every way…

John Baker
Great Flashlight - Dangerously bad holster.

OG Klarus FanBoy since the XT1A (still have it, still works). Wanted the output of the XT21X Pro for my current job - lots of time alone covering large areas at night. I leave it set on tactical mode with the side switch pre-set to a lower lumen to light up the immediate area so I don't trip over things, but can instantly go to turbo mode with the tail switch to reach out and cover a larger area - it has a fantastic mix of spill and throw. And the ability to go directly to strobe with the secondary switch has a very motivational effect on crackroaches and methbillies that prevents me having to do something that would result in paperwork.

The holster, is a different story. It's a pro-active hazard. The cup at the base of it tends to catch the edge of the base of the flashlight. Then when I get back in the vehicle, it can shift and activate the strobe. Because I wear a heavy jacket (I'm in Canada, and it's cold up here), I don't see the light getting activated, and the first I know about it, is from the smell of the melting nylon of the cover flap. After having this happen a few times during the first week of use, I ditched the holster it came with and went with something after-market. Some people would say that this is a "me" problem and it's a training issue, but on a 12-14hr patrol, in and out of the vehicle a dozen or more times a night, no matter how much I tried to pay attention, fatigue happens, and it was way too easy to trip off this failure mode. Searching some of the forums online, this is a known and fairly common problem that people have had with this holster.

Klarus can fix this by making the protective cup at the base an inch deeper so it's far more obvious when the base isn't seated fully, and having the top of the cup flared out to reduce the chance of it catching in the first place.

Still love the light itself, though. It really fits exactly what I need for an EDC tactical light for patrols.

Robert A Leasure
Customer Service

Overall the light is fine. BUT, customer service is a significant problem. Light will not work with 18650 battery in the adapter sleeve. Inquiries to both Klarus store result in responses seeming to be designed to be difficult to receive satisfaction.
They want proof of purchase - seems obvious since I bought it direct.
They want a picture of the model series of the light - also obvious.
They want a VIDEO to show that the light won't work with the battery and adapter - what is there to show$

Not at all happy with the company