KLARUS GL4 3300lm Rellumo

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GL4 3300lm Rellumo
  • Turnas Nokton En Tagon. Force Multiplier en la Varmo de Batalo.
  • Ekstrema Eligo Turnas Nokton en Tagon. Frakasu la mallumon, penetru la nebulon, neniuj detaloj eskapas malkovron.
  • Kablo-Ŝaltilo Maksimumigas Taktikan Avantaĝon. Profesia kabloŝaltilo por maksimuma ĉiuflankeco.
  • Taktikaj / Subĉielaj Agordoj Malsamaj Situacioj Malsamaj Uzoj. Law Enforcement, Sekureco, Subĉiela, Aventuro, kaj aliaj scenaroj.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cade Nash
All around winner

I am impressed with the versatility and durability of the flashlight.

Mount : The modern mount is sturdy and easy to use.
Remote Switch: The pressure pad is comfortable and pressured moderately - it also mounts very sturdily. The cord is easy to work with although it is a bit long for how I mount the light and pad. I had no issues with it once I used a few ties to keep it concealed.

Light: the light is phenomenal! It has amazing spot and flood in one and the color temperature is very appealing. It provides accuracy and clarity to subjects. The modes are easy to cycle through and there is a very aggressive strobe that serves it's purpose wonderfully. I also like how dim it can get.

May be the best tactical light for the price. After looking at countless others, I am very pleased with the performance of the Klarus GL4.

Joseph Krynitsky
Great product

Highly recommend this light

Aleksandar Eric
Sehr gutes Produkt

Solide Bauweise und gut im Handling. Alles in allem ein super gutes Produkt. Danke

riccardo gallino
must have

Very good light, fully functional and powerful with useful quick detach.
a bit big and heavy

Darko Kovacevic

didn't receive, because of not knowing what you have in stock.
1. order: yes we have it
2. oh, sorry we don't have it
3. 1.5h later via email, we are sorry but we have it, are you still interested
4. ordered it again
5. oh we are very sorry we didn't know we can ship it because of weapon law

that all cost me about 20$ because of transaction