What is the KLARUS Warranty? LED Best Flashlights Mini Bright Headlamp Tactical Flashlight

KLARUS Flashlights Warranty is 5 years, accessories warranty is 1 year.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality and reliable products. This warranty and repair information outlines the terms and conditions for warranty coverage and repair services.

Warranty Coverage:

Limited Warranty:
KLARUS products are covered by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. The specific warranty period may vary depending on the product. Please refer to the product documentation or packaging for the exact duration of the warranty.

Warranty Claims:
If you believe your KLARUS product is experiencing a defect covered under warranty, please follow these steps:
a. Contact our customer support team via phone or email.
b. Provide proof of purchase and a detailed description of the issue you are facing.
c. Our customer support representative will guide you through the warranty claim process, which may include troubleshooting steps or requesting additional information.
d. If it is determined that the product needs to be repaired or replaced, further instructions will be provided.

Warranty Limitations:
Please note that the warranty does not cover the following:
a. Damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, or unauthorized modifications.
b. Normal wear and tear, including cosmetic damage.
c. Damage caused by failure to follow product instructions or use the product in accordance with its intended purpose.
d. Products purchased from unauthorized resellers.

Repair Services:

If your KLARUS product requires repair outside the warranty period or is not covered under warranty, we offer reliable repair services to assist you. Please follow these steps:

Contact our customer support team to explain the issue you are experiencing.
Our representative will provide guidance on whether the product can be repaired and the available repair options.
If the product needs to be sent for repair, our customer support team will provide you with instructions on how to proceed, including information on shipping and any associated costs.
Please note that repair services may have associated fees depending on the type of repair and the product's warranty status.

For further assistance or to initiate a warranty claim or repair service, please contact our customer support team using the provided contact information.