KLARUS CL2 Camping Light Handheld Hanging Tent Lantern

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CL2 Waterproof, Rechargeable 750 Lumens Camping Lantern

This provides 360 degrees of illumination, allowing you to light up your entire campsite with ease. Its small size makes it the ideal camping companion and go-to the light source. It is built in a 10400mAh Li-Ion USB rechargeable battery, so you'll always have a beam when needed. 

  • Multiple modes: Camping lights have 7 light modes
    • White LED:
      • White Cold/WarmLight, High for brightest light: 750 lumens; runs 4 hours 
      • White Warm Light, Medium for brightest light: 150 lumens; runs 12 hours.
      • White Warm Light, Low for brightest light: 30 lumens; runs 60 hours.
      • SOS mode for emergency signaling, brightest light: 100 lumens; runs 18 hours.
      • Flashlight Mode, for brightest light: 100 lumens; runs 18 hours.
    • Red LED: Red Flashing,
  • provides 360 degrees of illumination
  • 10400mAhrechargeable lithium-ion battery, large capacity battery allows you to charge your android mobile phone or other android USB devices in emergency situations.
  • IPX5 waterproof; 1m impact resistance tested
  • Max 60 hours runtime, this rechargeable camping lamp is rated to last up to 60 hours, perfect for all indoor and outdoor scenarios you can think of, including study room, kitchen, garage, workshop, dinner party, camping, picnic, etc
  • 90° foldable light bulb, 4 pieces of 90° adjustable angle light bulbs, you can change the direction of the light at will, avoiding direct eyes or disturbing others. Expand/collapse bulb
  • 2"x2.2"x8.74"; 14.81ozoz (420g)
  • with USB Charger

CL2 camping light2 Different Models : Light your reality and future			 			 30 lumens  Customizable for individual needs4 Output Modes, Dual Color-Temperature, Adjust as NeededWarm Light Illuminate Without Being HarshCamping and Relaxing LightLarge Area Flood LightingTripod Adapter			 Fishing Light for the Whole Night			 The Perfect Selfie-video IlluminationClick to use all modes			 Easy Intuitive UI			 Single Click to adjust output, Long Press to change modes			 Click to Cycle			 Warm Low / Warm Med / Warm High / Cold High			 Long Press to Cycle			 Flashlight / Red Strobe / SOS			 *Click to turn OFF if no input received for the previous 3 seconds.Hanging Lamp Mode			 Long Runtime			 From Sunrise to Sunset			 Keeping you in the light anywhere you go			 Lamp mode			 Handheld Flashlight ModeHanging Lamp ModeMobile Powerbank			 USB Power Port			 Recharge Anytime, Anywhere			 Fully Charge iPhone 13 approximately 3 timesDust, Debri and Rain Resistant			 			 Working continuously in storm, rain, or other severe weather, resistant to dust and debri.			 * Please make sure the waterproof cap is in a fully closed state when usingRed Strobes Warning Signal			 			 Red light has a wavelength of 620-760nm, and can be seen over a distance of several hundred meters for increased safety at nightSOS Emergency Signal			 			 International Standard Morse Emergency Signal			 SOS Signal Types			 1) Audio Signal: When in danger, yell, whistle, or bang on metal containers to attract attention.   The pattern to repeat is: 3 Short, 3 Long, 3 Short			 2) Light Signal: When in danger, use flaslight, or reflect light source with mirrors to attract attention.  The pattern to repeat: 3 Short, 3 Long, and 3 Short.			 3) Flag Signal: Tie a flag or other colorful material around a stick or pole, waving it in a "g" shape, long on the left side and short on the right side.Atmospheric Scene Illumination

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Russell Martinez
My go to camp light

Love this light! It is my go to light for camping. Great versatility and prides a wide range of lighting options. So good, I bought 4 more for camp and for around home in case of power outages.

Michael M
Versatile, bright light

Bought this light on the recommendation of someone who had seen it used in various online camping videos. Took it camping the first time last weekend, and it was a success. The light is full-featured and has nice adjustable brightness settings. The USB outlet also helped to recharge my Apple Watch the next morning.

Only changes I would make would be to make it a bit more solid when folded closed - the light panel "petals" rattle a bit. Also, a steady red, and not just a blinking red, would be helpful for those users wishing to use the light in astrophotography settings.

so bright and long lasting !

Amazing light and I do mean amazing, so bright and long lasting !

Awesome for camping.

Awesome for camping. Solid light, nearly one pound weight

Best camping light for the money!

Best camping light for the money!